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Carbon Core™ is unlike any other LVP product on the market in terms of ‘air purification’ but to understand what that means in relation to the market you need to get the basic concepts behind the key materials used in the production process, where they come from and how they’re made. It’s the construction of the material itself that sets it apart from the rest and lends itself to further reducing the carbon footprint generated.

What is Activated Carbon?

Through a specific high-temperature firing process, Carbon Core™ forms a large number of high-density pores, which greatly improves the adsorption capacity of Carbon Core™.

Why do you use Bamboo in your products?

Compared to an equivalent tree mass, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen and research has shown that bamboo can absorb as much as 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year. That’s some real carbon sequestration!

Depending on variety, bamboo can grow at a rate of 3 feet per day and can reach full maturity in only 1 to 5 years which is considerably faster than the fastest growing trees.

What's the difference between charcoal and bamboo charcoal?

The specific surface area of Carbon Core™ is 10 times that of ordinary charcoal and 4 times that of ordinary activated carbon.

What is Carbon Core™?

Carbon Core ™ is patented technology using a proprietary blend of activated bamboo charcoal that cleans the air around it reducing the level of harmful chemicals in any environment.

Why use Carbon Core™?

Simple- to promote a better living and work environment. It is our goal to provide you products engineered to reduce the harmful emissions produced by day to day items and offer a cleaner alternative to every other click-based LVP product currrently on the market.

What does Carbon Core™ do?

While absorbing formaldehyde, Carbon Core™ can degrade formaldehyde and release negative oxygen ions.

What does Carbon Core™ NOT do?

  • Clean smoke straight out of the air
  • Absorbs dust out of the air
  • Replace the need air purifiers
  • Is not tested to reduce carbon monoxide

What is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical that is used in building materials and to produce many household products. Although it is a naturally occuring gas found in many organic matter, prolonged exposure can cause adverse health effects including cancer.

How does it work if Carbon Core™ is waterproof?

Like all floors in our category, CarbonCore™ is waterproof yet not 100% airtight, which means air molecules will permeate over time allowing our floors to work for you.

What has Formaldehyde?


• Cosmetics
• Furniture
• Ceilings
• Flooring
• Sub-flooring
• Cabinetry
• Electronics
• Door fittings

• Appliances
• Smoke
• Walls
• Paint
• Insulation
• Cleaning materials
• Fertilizers


Raw Material


Charcoal Logs

Charcoal Powder

Plank with CarbonCore™

CarbonCore Collection 2022/23

Introducing a revolution in flooring and air purification. Built on our patented Carbon Core™ Technology, this oversized 8.9x60in plank creates a whole category in flooring that shifts the environmental expectations every human should expect from their surfaces.

Pumice – CC8-PU-1

Quartz – CC8-QU-2

Flint – CC8-FL-3

Basalt – CC8-BA-4

Slate – CC8-SL-5

Rhyolite – CC8-RY-6


Product Specifications

Nominal Plank Size: 8.9″ x 60″
Wear Layer: 20mil
Thickness: 8mm (including 1.5mm IXPE Pad) 
Installation: Floating
Construction:  CarbonCore™ Composite
Edge: Painted-Beveled
Locking System: Uniclic
Underlayment Attached: Yes
Class: ASTM F1700, Class I Type B
Finish: UV-Polyurethane, Embossed
Permeability: Waterproof


Square Feet per Carton: 25.95
Planks per Carton: 7
Cartons per Pallet: 40
Square feet per Pallet: 1,038

Technical Information

Formaldehyde ASTM D6007 Passes
Short-Term Indentation

ASTM F1914

Residual Indentation

ASTM F3261

Dimensional Stability ASTM F2199 Passes
Chemical Resistance ASTM F925 Passes
Heat Resistance ASTM 1514 Passes
Light Resistance ASTM 1515 Passes
Static Load ASTM 970 Passes
Radient Flux ASTM 648 Passes
Smoke Density ASTM E662 Passes
Heavy Metals
ASTM F963 Passes
Phthalates ASTM F3414 Passes
IIC ASTM E492 61


This Rigid Core platform uses proprietary Uniclic® locking system technology, passes all ASTM tests in its class and meest the requirements set forth under the CARB II program established by the California Air Resource Board.



Social Responsibility

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The flooring industry is evolving to meet the green standards being sought out by the end user. Considering the legitimate environmental concerns involved with every single LVP on the market, we are proud to be the only manufacture with an existing solution that addresses indoor emissions and are currently working with strategic partners to develop other ‘green’ solutions.

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